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▓▓▓░░░░░░░ΘΘΘ▒░░###⌂⌂░ PAT SHIU ░░▓▓
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    ███████████████████████░∙░ ░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓███████████████████████
██PAT SHIU ████░∙░░░▒▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓████████████████████████

can u find all 27 easter eggs?



My name is 邵沛嬋 Pat Shiu. I design things.

I have led design teams in Singapore & Beijing and now live in New York, where
 I am the Associate Director of Design. I work primarily on Conifer (FKA Webrecorder), Rhizome’s open source
 tool for creating and accessing web archives.

Outside of work, I've taught web design at Parsons School of Design at The New School, and exhibited my art works in digital and physical spaces. I also run a small print studio OfficialFan . Club.

This is my CV.

Castles in the Sky by Ian Van Dahl is my favorite song.




(there r no fucking easter eggs.)
I will Not http://cOniFeR.rHizOme.Org

I will nOt beliEVe aCcEssIBLe, frEe web ArcHIviNg For all.
I will NoT lead deSiGn on an Open source tool for Web ARchiving.

I will noT http://OffiCIalFan.CLUB

I will NOt rUn an iNdEpenDent Printing press.
I wiLl noT pRint a RiSo ZiNe aBout regretful GIT commit messages.

I will noT

I will NOt desiGn a webpage for an online group exhibition co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum, curated by Aria Dean.

I will noT

I will NOt desiGn a webpage for The National Forum on Ethics and Archiving the Web, which brought together activists, librarians, journalists, archivists, scholars, developers, and designers to discuss how to create richer, non-oppressive web archives—archives that can better serve their publics and the historical record.

I will not uSe my CoMpuTER to use so-called algoritHims for so-called art.

I will NoT do thIs to eArn A MasTers from NYU’s InTERacTive COMmUniCATiONs ProGRam.

I will not hoard OlD cOmpUTing MaGAzinez.

I will not program the computer to dictate the pOoP eMoJi to ME in ASCII.

I will not drive myself NearlY iNsane PeNNinG maSSivE ASCII art by HAnD.
I wiLl not mAke more pErFormAnce aRt aGaiN please. ever.

I will not make an inStaNT obSolEsCenCE booTH.

I will Not maKe a PhotoBOoTH that sPits Your pHOto OUt on a 3.5 inch FLOppY disKETTe.
I wiLl not exhibit this Booth at the curated InTERNeT Yami-Ichi at the NADA NeW YoRK 2018.

I will not be a bAsiC inStAgRam doG motHer.

I will not bUiLd a VeNGaBUS wiTh mY PArTneR.

I will not haVE decEnT hAndWriTing IRL thAt juSt hApPeNs 2 loOk SHItty aS a FoNt.